Unlock your 401k

Unlock Your Client’s 401k

Our company attorneys through the ISAR process that is in accordance with the federal ERISA guidelines allows you to move your client’s 401k funds. This is without them having to pay any taxes or the 10 percent early withdrawal penalty and they still receive their employer match!

How to Have Your Best Year Ever

We can show you how to move over your client’s present 401k without losing their ability to fund their 401k with the In-Service Alternate Rollover. Even better, your clients will not lose their company match. Our goal is to help your firm remove the roadblocks of gathering YOUR EXISTING clients 401k dollars with no marketing costs to you. You can just call your existing clientele.

We can assist your clients nationwide

Is your client trusting their retirement decisions to their employer’s Human Resource manager, the plan administrators or representatives? Even worse, is their investment advice coming from an 800 number? Finally, you, their professional advisor, can help them with their entire retirement portfolio!


401k Nationalized?

If you follow the financial news as we do, you will notice some alarming discussions reported over the last few years that have gone from rumors to Federal policy. Under this “new” program patriotically named “Retirement USA”, the government could then demand that part of your retirement contributions go into a government-created annuity funded by purchasing Treasury debt.


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National Pension’s Incredible Discovery:

Our founders have been in the financial services industry for over 20 years. They have always known that the most lucrative opportunities were in gathering old 401k funds from existing clients to reinvest and professionally manage.

As you know well, to have the opportunity to rollover or transfer a client’s 401k money, one of three major situations has to occur:

First, they either have to leave their job or have already left their job or have an old 401k sitting dormant.

Second, sadly, they had to be getting divorced, or

Third, they are retiring from their present job.

It’s difficult to build a practice waiting around for one of these three changes to occur. Most of us start focusing on senior seminars. You know the seminars where you supply dinner to a group of people in exchange for them listening to how your products can help them. In addition to working with seniors, many want to do business with people in the 35 to 50 age group. In fact, many of your friends have 401k’s but waiting around for one of those three changes to occur can be quite frustrating. Asking for referrals and presenting senior seminars gets old quick.

Our founders knew there had to be something different so they dug deeper into the Federal ERISA code that governs the 401k business. Everyone thought they were crazy and wasting time.

They realized there is a better way of helping people and our founders discovered in early 2012 the secret legal technique that high level estate planing attorneys have known about for decades!

The needle in the haystack, the In-Service Alternate Rollover or ISAR.

When you share the ISAR opportunity with your clients, they will likely be thrilled to learn that they have options and can move their present 401k at any time. Our ISAR training educates advisors on how to successfully rollover their client’s qualified retirement plan funds with no early withdrawal penalties!

We guarantee that the ISAR strategy likely has not been implemented within your client base. We can show you how to move over your client’s present 401k to you, the advisor, via IRA without needing your client to change their job, divorce or retire. This is not a hardship provision or an in-service withdrawal provision. This is not a loophole. It has been in the ERISA code for over 35 years! Our ISAR training has now allowed advisors across the nation to have success with all their clients that have chosen to move their funds out of their 401k. Who said there is no silver bullet? We can show you how to move over your client's present 401k without losing their ability to fund their 401k. Even better, your clients will not lose their company match.You have no limit on the percentage of your client’s 401k funds you can move over and with your help, your clients will no longer have to rely on a 1-800 number to advise them on probably their largest asset.

Our goal at National Pension Corporation is to educate you and remove the roadblocks of gathering YOUR EXISTING clients' 401k dollars. To find out more about how to enroll in National Pension Corporation’s online ISAR Advisor Training call our office at 1-800-431-4812


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Retire The 401k?

Time magazines managing editor Richard Stengel says that the 401k is not working for 70 million Americans and it's time to retire it! He claims it was never meant to be the primary retirement vehicle for Americans. He further states that the 401k was originally meant to be a supplement only to pensions and Social Security benefits.

The 401k Fallout

60 Minutes interviews David Ray the President of The 401k Council of America and a Washington DC 401k lobbyist. He states that anyone who loses money in there for 401K has no one to blame but themselves and retirees should not have unrealistic expectations! 60 minutes reports that 401k plans were never designed to be a stand alone retirement vehicle.

The 401k Government Lockup

Fox news reports that the government is attempting to lock up your 401k before Americans tap into them. New legislation attempts to limit your ability to borrow money from your 401k. Proponents of the legislation claim that this would help Americans become more fiscally responsible! Opponents claim that it's absurd for the government to tell us how to manage our money when they can't even balance the nations budget.